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Antígona Solar has acknowledged the quality of the LiFeTech Energy products and from now on will offer them to his clients. LiFeTech and Antígona Solar have closed a collaboration agreement as “prefered Partner”.


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LiFeTech Energy Products LiFeTech

Battery 8.jpgLiFeTech is one of the largest LiFePO4 Battery Pack provider in the world. We manufacture and distribute globally, the large, high power sealed rechargeable lithium iron phosphate cells and battery modules, which are the new power source in the Electric Vehicle, Light Electric Vehicle, military, UPS, and e-bike transportation markets.

To excel in our service to clients worldwide, LiFeTech has taken the unprecedented measures among the LiFePO4 battery pack testing and quality assurance measures to our battery pack before delivering to our clients. We not only test our battery back in the harsh environment conditions, (below zero icy land, hot melting desert. Salty humid sea location) LiFeTech has taken the extra mile to test our product with potential collision and real life scenario when the battery pack is used in real world transportation scene. BATTERY CATALOG:

Solar and Wind Power Energy Storage Bank

 Energy Bank depends on solar or wind as the main power sources, if more than one source cannot provide enough power, and the battery capacity is lower than the setting, then the system will coordinate the Grid power become the main charge supply.More.... LifeTechBeta/application.php?id=29



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   Diesel Starter
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